27.02.2021 New Channels Russia, Ukraine, Argentina

aggiunti 360 canali russia, ukraina /updated 360 russian and ukraine channels - RUSSIA CATEGORIES - UKRAINE CATEGORIES

aggiunti 44 canali argentina/updated 4 argentina channels - ARGENTINA CATEGORIES

25.12.2020 Last News



24.07.2020 News Update

Android Box & Mobile Application Selling Team(TIVIMATE Customized) 24.07.2020

Universal version(mobile and tv) download


22.07.2020 News Update

Android Box & Mobile Application Selling Team (FLAVOUR) 22.07.2020 **VPN INTEGRATED 63+ COUNTRY, 1700 SERVERS**

download the guide - scarica la guida

**fixed VPN for mobile android OS 10 and lower version**

**risolta VPN per android mobile OS 10 e versioni inferiori**

X86 version (where cpu is supported) download

X86_64 version (where cpu is supported) download

Universal version(mobile and tv) download

Armeabi v7a version (firestik and old mobile) download

Arm64 v8a version (new mobile and where v8a is supported) download

How identify the cpu of your mobile? Come identificare la cpu del proprio dispositivo?

Download an app called "Droid Hardware Info" download

Scaricare l'app chiamata "Droid Hardware Info" download

ARM: This is a mobile processor architecture first and foremost, and what the majority of phones run now. Qualcomms Snapdragon, Samsungs Exynos, and MediaTeks mobile chips are all examples of ARM processors. Most modern chips are 64-bit, or ARM64.

x86: This is the architecture specification for Intel chips. As dominant as Intel is in the computer market, these chips are far less common in Android handsets. x86_64 refers to 64-bit Intel chips.

Features availables/Funzioni disponibili:

Cast to Google Cast, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung TV, & LG TV

FREE VPN with 1700+ World Wide Server

Setup Box TV Experience in Application

Multiscreen, App Listing , Quick Access Wife & Settings

Enjoy the last amazing app from SLT powered by SURFSHARK VPN and explore your preffered vpn close to you

Divertiti con l'ultima app taggata SLT potenziata da SURFSHARK VPN ed esplora la tua vpn preferita piu vicina a te


Catch up / Replay wont let u move ffwd or rrwd with the remote commander and start from scratch the event? install as external player MX PLAYER and set as default for CATCH UP on settings.

I Replay non ti permettono di andare avanti o indietro sull'evento scelto? installa come player esterno il MX PLAYER e risolverai il problema.

VPN wont allow you to be connected, try to reboot the app or clean the vpn profile on networks -> settings -> vpn profile

La Vpn non ti permette di collegarti, prova a riavviare l'app o eliminare il profilo vpn in networks-> settings -> vpn profile


02.07.2020 News Update

Android Box & Mobile Application Selling Team SLT-v4.0.3-555 05.07.2020



24.05.2020 News Update

Gamma Portal is now available for:

-TVIP,MAG(whole series),STB EMU,and all devices that can run a portal here: ask your dealer for the secondary portal

-iOS(whole series), download IPTV PORTAL app and change the dns(nameserver) in your iphone and then launch the app, you will be redirected to our portal, where you can have access using your user and pass

**for lte and 4g you can use the app TRUST DNS, open the app, change dns, click on + symbol on the right corner and add custom server, name SLT, ip: ASK YOUR DEALER , click on activate, and turn back on the main page, click on red circle to activate the dns**

Il Portale gamma e' ora disponibile per:

-TVIP,MAG(tutte le serie),STB EMU, e tutti i dispositivi che emulano il portale stalker qui: chiedi al tuo venditore il portale secondario

-iOS(tutte le serie), scarica IPTV PORTAL e cambia il dns(nameserver) del tuo iphone, lancia l'app, e verrai dirottato sul nostro portale, dove potrai autenticarti con utente e pass

**per lte o 4g usa l'app TRUST DNS, apri l'app,change dns, in alto a destra clicca sul simbolo +, name SLT, e ip: CHIEDI AL TUO RESELLER, clicca su activate, e tornando indietro nella schermata principale clicca sul tondo rosso, ora e' funzionante il dns impostato e navighi con il tuo ip**


23.05.2020 News Update

XtreamTV v2.3 is out now check on the link here

XtreamTV v2.3 e' ora disponibile qui


16.05.2020 News Update

The universal GAMMA app for Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Hisense, Philips, Tcl, Grundig, Arcelik, Sharp and other is now out click here for more information.

L'applicazione universale GAMMA per Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Hisense, Philips, Tcl, Grundig, Arcelik, Sharp รจ ora disponibile clicca qui per maggiori informazioni.


15.05.2020 News Update

We introduce the universal app for Samsung and LG tvs that we have called (GAMMA). The App will include the widget for Dune,LG Netcast,WebOS,Orsay,Tizen.

The app is already available in the store and will be released later today.

Right now you can test the app based in the same tecnology, for windows and android following the link below.

Windows App (DELTA) download

Android Box & Mobile Application Selling Team (OMEGA) download

OSX App (YOTA) download

**( how to use: go on terminal and apply that code: echo ASK.YOUR.RESELLER.FOR.THE.IP tv.smartup.tv >> /etc/hosts and then reboot the app)



Introduciamo la app universale per Samsung e LG che abbiamo chiamato (GAMMA). L'applicazione includera' compatibilita' per tutto il parco tv Samsung ed LG tra cui: Dune,LG Netcast,WebOS,Orsay,Tizen.

L'applicazione e' gia presente nello store ma verra' resa pubblica nelle prossime ore.

Da adesso puoi testare le app basate sulle stessa tecnologia per windows e android nei link sotto citati.

Windows App (DELTA) download

Android Box & Mobile Application Selling Team (OMEGA) download

OSX App (YOTA) download

**( guida: vai in terminal and applica il seguente codice: echo CHIEDI.AL.TUO.RESELLER.L.IP tv.smartup.tv >> /etc/hosts e poi riavvia l app)



Download the app IPTV PORTAL, change the dns(nameserver) on your iphone and run the app


30.03.2020 News Update

Cline are back please follow the guide to configure it qui

Riattivate cline legate al servizio iptv andate nella sezione guide per ulteriori informazion in merito qui

As some autentication logins was found on forum/telegram or internet page we replaced for some of those the password related. Customer may facing some issue please provide the new password.

Nella giornata di oggi sono state cambiate alcune password di accesso al servizio che sono state ritrovate in forum o siti pubblici/telegram. Consigliamo al cliente che denuncia un disservizio di fargli avere la nuova password generata dal sistema

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